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Regal Car Sales and Credit: A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

In today’s economy, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership is an excellent option for car-buyers seeking less hassle and dependable local auto financing. What is a BHPH dealership? Read on to discover how our used car dealers in Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas deliver a Buy Here Pay Here financing experience that helps you secure a nearby auto loan with ease.

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What Does Buy Here Pay Here Mean?

If you choose to get auto financing at one of our Buy Here Pay Here car dealerships, you’ll be arranging the loan terms directly with the Regal Car Sales and Credit team. The payments you make go directly to the Buy Here Pay Here car lots where the original purchase was made, essentially creating an “in-house financing” option that cuts out the middle man of getting financed through a local bank or lender.

When you visit a Regal Car Sales and Credit location, we will sit down and figure out how much you can finance and how often your payments can be. Once we have that number, we’ll show you our nearby Buy Here Pay Here car lot and show you all the vehicle options you qualify for.

Buy Here Pay Here vs. Traditional Car Dealerships

At traditional new car dealerships, you pick the car you want and get financed through a third-party lender. Typically, you don’t know how much you are financed for before you step on the lot. And often you’ll find yourself being pressured by the sales representatives because they have quotas, commissions and other incentives that put more money in their pockets. For them, the bottom line comes first and your financial needs are just an afterthought .

On the contrary, when Regal sells a used car, we are not selling you a Ford truck or Chevy SUV -- we are selling our own company brand . Regardless of the vehicle’s make, all cars, trucks and SUVs go through detailed quality checks to ensure they’re in good working order to sell to our customers. New car dealerships represent the brands of car manufacturers and therefore depend on them for their inspections.

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More Benefits to Choosing Our Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

Building credit is a huge concern to most of our customers. In fact, bad or subprime credit is often the reason they come to us in the first place. Due to poor credit, many customers can’t get financing from a traditional car dealership. At Regal Car Sales and Credit, we understand that life happens, and our ultimate goal is to get you back on your feet financially. That’s why we’ll always report to credit bureaus to ensure your credit is positively impacted by choosing our nearby BHPH dealers.

Getting financed is much easier at Buy Here Pay Here dealerships. It helps our customers get a much-needed vehicle without dealing with the hassle of banks and new car dealership tricks and tactics. And if you love saving time, you’ll be please to know that usually the process of buying a car at Regal takes less than an hour! If you’d like to learn more please don’t hesitate to contact Regal Car Sales and Credit.

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